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Family Medicine Specialist Clinic

Klinik Pakar As-Salam

Family Medicine Clinic (Specialist Consultation)


We encourage our customer to read info of variation below before making your selection. 

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List of Services Available:

  1. Management of acute and chronic illnesses
    • Treatment of acute illnesses such as fever, acute asthma, abdominal pain & chest pain.
    • Treatment of chronic diseases, especially non-communicable diseases such as hypertension, diabets, asthma & hypercholestrolemia. 
  2. Screening
    • Executive Cardiovascular Health Screening
    • Women Wellness Health Screening
    • Cancer Screening
    • HIV Screening
    • Thalassemia Screening
  3. Medical Check-Up
    • General Health Check-Up
    • Pre-Employment
    • Pre-Martial
    • Pre-Pregnancy
  4. Adult Immunization Services
  5. Wound Treatment