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Step 4 of 8

General Ultrasound

Klinik As-Salam Kota Kemuning

Female Ultrasound (Scan by Resident Doctor)


We encourage our customer to read info of variation below before making your selection. 

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  • All variations are not  for insurance purposes
  • Disclaimer: All ultrasound findings must be supported with clinical findings and other confirmatory tests

1. Female Pelvis Scan (TAS / TVS)

  • Parts Examined: Uterus | Right and Left ovaries | Adnexal areas
  • Inclusive Official report, Print out Photo
  • Patient Preparation: Having full bladder before examination

2. Follicular Tracking

  • Monitor size & number of follicles
  • Part examined :-
    • Right and left ovaries
    • Follicles in the ovaries
    • Endometrium lining
  • Inclusive: Printout of thermal images | Brief report of follicles assessment
  • Preparation patient
    • Patient must produce referring letter / follicle tracking card from referring doctor during registration
    • Empty bladder before procedure
  • Disclaimer: Follicular tracking is done strictly following doctors request only. Result from follicular tracking must be reviewed by ordering doctors and is not diagnostic to determine the success of infertility related procedures.