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Women Clinic

Klinik As-Salam 24 Jam Semenyih

Women Clinic


We encourage our customer to read info of variation below before making your selection. 

Proceed to ‘Select Variation’ after you understand and agree to the remarks.

1. Breastfeeding Counselling

  • The price varies depending on the consultation and must be paid at the counter. 

2. Family Planning

  • Discussion regarding contraception methods
    • IUCD
    • Implanon
    • Depo Injection
    • Oral Contraceptive Pills

3. Women Health Issue

  • • Women Wellness Screening 
    • Menstrual Disorders
    • Gynaecological Health

4. Women Health Screening

  • Comprehensive range of gynecological health care and services for the overall well-being of woman.
  • Recommendation for :- 
    • Breast Cancer Screening
    • Cervical Cancer Screening
    • Chronic Diseases Screening (Diabetes, Hypertension and Cholesterol)