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Pregnancy Checkup

Klinik As-Salam 24 Jam Semenyih

Antenatal Care


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  • All variations are not  for insurance purposes
  • Disclaimer: Scanning conditions may be suboptimal due to certain constraints including low and/or cloudy amniotic, fluid, late gestational age, unfavorable fetal lie (position) or maternal body habitus (weight, build, size, structure) placenta location, babies leg, arm, hand, feet in front of face which can create a black void

1. Antenatal (Pregnancy) Checkup

  • To provide regular pregnancy check-up (According to KKM guidelines)

2. 2D Growth/Antenatal (Doctor)

  • Week of pregnancy: 5 weeks onwards
  • Package Included: 2D Growth Scan | Gender Scan | Black & white printout